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Passive candidates are the employees who are actively working and not necessarily looking for a job currently. However, these candidates are the best choices for job descriptions which require some specific skills set. So if you are looking for someone who ticks all the boxes you should consider attracting the attention of passive candidates.
There are many ways of getting a passive candidate and one of the most common and effective ways is to get a candidate through the connections of your current employees. Your current employees are the ones who have sources of references to other candidates who are equally effective and competent. Various methods of utilising your current workforce are discussed in this article.

Referral Programmes

For employers and businesses, this implies making a proper and alluring worker referral program. For recruiters, this implies building sufficiently solid relationships with current employees that you would feel great inquiring as to whether they have contacts who may be interested in the roles that you are looking to fill.
When all is said and done, employee referral programs results in the fastest and most astounding quality contracts. As per Jobvite, 39.9 percentage of new contracts in the course of the most recent decade was made through worker referrals.

Networking Events (or Networking Parties)

Kindly don’t have another networking occasion with the aim of enrolling everybody who comes. Rather, you should design an expert networking party – something cool, crisp, and plainly enjoyable to go to. Something else, inactive applicants won’t appear. I’m certain you would prefer not to invest energy and cash sorting out an occasion just to be encompassed by a bundle of frantic job searchers hunting for a paycheck and whatever occupation you’ll give them!
Utilize this method to separate yourself from other recruitment firms and pull in latent applicants who generally wouldn’t come hang out with you. This is your opportunity to grow your system, so bear in mind to request referrals while tasting on a glass of fine wine.
When promoting these occasions on the web, you should target prospects who are as of now working. Your occupation is to associate with them and construct connections before welcoming them to these occasions. That way, they will know about your legit aim – which isn’t to enrol them instantly.

Make Your Employer Brand/ Corporate Culture a Priority

By our natural behaviour, people are envious inside. When we know about a friend that has something marvellous, we need that great thing ourselves. An awesome occupation is totally something to gloat about. In the event that your representatives trust that the organization culture, livens, and work coordinate their needs, they’ll be more disposed to impart those thoughts and opinions to the world.
Building an extraordinary manager mark goes a long way past the amusement room. While extraordinary advantages will enable, your representatives to have other imperative needs, such as offering workers the opportunity to work how they need and accomplish their objectives, while likewise considering working from home choices and building a positive work environment.
It’s considerably less demanding for a passive candidate to pull the trigger when all they hear are astonishing things and that envy begins to pull on their heartstrings.

Present Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert, Not Recruiter

As per Dice, making your own blog is the correct approach. Passive candidates would prefer not to draw in with an organization, they need to build up a relationship with experts in the business. We discussed the significance of connecting with the group of influencers in the business. This system goes the next stage by transforming you into that master with your own particular groups.
Beginning a blog that gives important knowledge is an extraordinary initial step. The following stage is utilizing the blog to springboard into industry gatherings and talking on those occasions. There’s no denying the diligent work required to achieve this point, yet the business consideration will be significant.


A testimonial is a lot similar to referrals where the current employees are asked to talk about their experience of working in the organization. Websites like Glassdoor has the facility where current employees talk about their personal and professional experiences and opinions within the organization. It allows interested candidates to go through the company page and find out what the current active employees think and feels. There can also be posts about company gatherings, outings, parties which might allure any candidate who might or not be interested consciously or unconsciously after reading these testimonials.

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