The Role Of Employer Branding In Emerging Markets

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The Role Of Employer Branding In Emerging Markets

First, we will discuss the definition of employer branding. It simply refers to how your company is being viewed by others in the current job market as an employer.

The current economies in the emerging markets are growing day by day. It means that this is the right time to invest in creating a strong employer brand in these areas of the talent market. The process of building a strong employer brand is concerned with

  • Attracting the best industry talent
  • Engaging and retaining talent
  • Employer branding, in a nutshell, is constantly
  • Improving the understanding of unique employer traits
  • Sustaining the brand as a living identity
  • Showing strong commitment towards people
  • Establishing the company as an employer of choice

So, here is why maintaining your employer brand is so important?

Powerful Presence In Social Media

A company can boost their employer brand by making their presence in social media. Because by having a strong online presence, public will know or observe a company’s brand, values and culture.

Strong Financial Constancy

Having a good employer brand will ensure your company’s financial stability as well. A study conducted by Boston Consulting Group showed that companies that invest in employer branding could experience revenue growth as much as 3.5% and a 2.5% profit margin increase.

Employee Engagement

Companies with a strong employer brand have more engaged employees. Employees will have a higher level of motivation as they are proud to be working for a company with a strong employer image.

Better Recruitment Cycle

A good employer image will help draw attention to your company and aid your recruitment process. Top talents and graduates would want to join your company and existing employees would want to stay.


Having a strong employer brand allows your company to be recognized and increases your brand awareness. Graduates and top talents wish to work for companies with a powerful and good reputation.

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