Virtual Recruiting Strategies and The Most Common Ones

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Before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few associations were at that point dealing with certain parts of their recruiting strategies virtually. As nations worldwide change into a post-lockdown period, it’s mission-critical for organizations to utilize virtual recruitment solutions. Likewise, as the economy is picking up a feeling of regularity, numerous organizations are moving their recruiting systems to virtual stages and are surveying the best methods of doing it. Due to these advancements, virtual recruiting strategies have become widely common among organizations.

Virtual recruiting strategies intend to recognize and attract skilled professionals to accomplish organizational objectives virtually. It is the same as other kinds of recruitment. The main contrast is that the recruiting procedure is completely virtual. Virtual recruitment specialists overcome any barrier between possible candidates and managers. Nonetheless, they play out these functions remotely.

The virtual campus hiring process is undeniably more streamlined than a commonplace campus recruiting procedure, permitting businesses to arrive at more candidates at sensible budgets. Small scale entrepreneurs don’t have a sizable enrolling staff for sourcing only – due to which virtual employing inspires an emotional response among them. Virtual campus hiring through online assessments is one of the most widely popular virtual recruiting strategies today.

It is well known among the recruiters that there is a serious dearth in getting top-notch quality candidates every time. Evalground’s end-to-end online assessment and recruitment platform is built to solve this problem for recruiters everywhere. Online assessment tests are conducted via computers under a remotely proctored environment and have the advantage of being authenticated by Subject matter experts (SMEs). Online assessments bring inefficiency of the whole procedure along with immediate feedback. Online examinations are slowly replacing the traditional examination approach. A major highlight of using an online examination system is that it gives a high level of transparency as opposed to the traditional method. Most online exams generate their results instantly and it is often possible for the exam taker to get information on his results immediately. However, one question always lingers back, is it really useful for recruitment?

Online assessments have the benefit of not only being accessible anytime and anywhere there are few more benefits that online assessment brings with it to assist you in your recruitment process. To help you better understand online assessment platforms we have created a recruiter’s guide on the usage, benefits, and features of online assessment tests. 

Most Common Virtual Recruiting Strategies:

Video Interviews

Video interviewing has altered customary and traditional recruitment norms, helping recruitment managers to better comprehend prospective job candidates everywhere throughout the world while saving time and money at the same time. Meetings and interviewing can be a basic defining moment in any enlistment procedure. It is the moment where the recruiter and the employing department get the chance to dig into an applicants’ qualifications, growth potential, abilities, and experience, eye to eye. In any case, in the modern world of cut-throat, it is not always possible for an intimate and up close and personal component isn’t generally always conceivable. Cue video interviewing.

Online Assessment:

Online assessment platforms offer great benefits over real-time assessments in selecting employees for your organization by matching the right candidate with the right job role. One great advantage of using online assessments is that it eliminates the scope of human error. Benefits of using online assessments:

  • Saves companies a lot of time that would otherwise have to be spent to organize an offline assessment.
  • Saves a lot of money needed to conduct the test physically
  • The assessments can be taken by multiple candidates across various locations
  • More precise results as it is done by a computer
  • Online assessments give test takers the advantage to take up the test at their convenient time and place
  • There is increased security associated with online assessments as all the necessary information is stored digitally. Hence, there are very slim chances of data being tampered with.

Social Media Recruiting:

Social media recruiting in simple words refers to the way toward selecting applicants through internet-based platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and different sites, including online discussion forums, job boards, blogs, and web journals. 

Social media recruiting is also known as social media recruiting, social hiring, and social recruitment.

While organizations have so far commonly utilized social media recruiting as an approach to expand increasingly outdated and traditional enrolling techniques, that may change as social selection keeps on picking up ubiquity. For instance, as indicated by one investigation, almost seventy-five percent of laborers between the ages of 18-34 secured their latest position by means of web-based life. In addition, about 90% of scouts report that they have recruited somebody off of LinkedIn. 

At the point when it is carried out properly, social media recruiting empowers associations to reach out to passive candidates, accumulate more referrals, target wanted applicants, showcase your organizational culture, get good employer branding done, and save money

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