Kinds of Online Assessments and What do They Measure

While many people doubt about the usefulness of online assessment tools, these assessments can actually help you gain information about a candidate that can provide the direction that you may need in your hiring process.

22% of companies have increased their budget for e-recruitment technology over the past year and a further 32% have maintained figures, at a time when 46% have decreased their overall recruitment budget and just 8% have raised spend.

Why is there such a mad rush among recruiters to dive into online assessments?
Cause, online assessment tools are more than just questionnaires or MCQs. There are many types of online assessment tests available, and some of them provides features to solve hiring complications within a campus recruitment, walk-ins, brand promotion and day to day hiring needs.

In this chapter we will discuss all the scenarios where online assessments can be used to help a recruiter in solving their hiring needs. So, read on.

Campus Recruitment
Campus placements can be a mad rush or a nightmare for those who have to organize it. Since this whole process takes a lot of time, resources and of course money, most recruiters and employers are now shifting to online assessments tools to focus on only the best of the best candidates out of the whole bunch. With online assessments tools, a recruiter can conduct placement drives in a matter of a few clicks.

Are you looking forward to have some candidates walk-in for an interview? Well, all you gotta do is, conduct online walk-ins by hosting a public test. What you will get here is a public test link which can be shared over your career website page, various social media channels and also local consultancies to reach more number of candidates depending on your requirements. Also an employer can add custom questions and mandate some fields before the test to know more about the candidate, such as, their current CTC, current state, etc. The candidates eligible for the role can opt for these tests.

Brand Promotion
One of the features that we recommend, you exploit to the fullest is brand promotion. Till now we have discussed about online assessments and tests and examinations, etc. etc. These tools allows you to promote your brand while the applicants take up the test. The landing page of the tests will have your brand logo which will be viewed by the candidates.

Online assessments tools can also conduct hackathons as part of their recruitment drives or brand building initiatives. Hackathon is one of the methods to incite innovation among young minds, this is why recently their popularity has increased and now most HR managers are using it as a hiring tool. If you as a recruiter using them for hiring or internal purposes, you can literally change the way you invest your time and finances in the whole process.

Campus Brand Ambassador
Online assessments tools provides end to end campus hiring solution as well. By including this feature, a recruiter can completely say no to all those painful logistics and tedious pen and paper tests. Online assessments tools also provides such facilities in which their executives will work as your brand ambassadors. By this way you can exponentially bring down the overall recruitment costs,save time and enhance your offer to joining ratio.

End-to-End Hiring
End to End hiring deals with getting requirements, sourcing the candidates from different channels, screening and submitting resumes, the entire interview process, selection and sending Offer letters, signing contracts with vendors or third parties, follow-ups, client relationship, database management, salary credits and also vendor payments. This brings together different departments in a streamlined process, which makes the entire flow fast, reducing both time and cost to company for hiring an employee. And guess who brings it all to you in one place?! Yes, online assessment tools, of course. This brings together different departments in a streamlined process, which makes the entire flow fast.

Whatever has been said and done is to create an idea about online assessment. The picture is far from over, the real task begins when you have to choose the right tools for your organization and choose among the endless features available in the current market.