How do I pick the right online assessment platform?

Pre- employment; Skill- testing; platform is; go-to for finding the proper job fit between the candidate and the job you are recruiting for.

Online assessment tools can help you here by matching the right candidate to the right job leads to increased productivity and reduced total employee turnover. One of the feature of these tools includes automated grading process that ensures all the test scores are objective and free of any types of human error.

76% of organizations with more than 100 employees use tests for external hiring.

We are all now on the same page when it comes to the various kinds of online assessments there is and what is it that they measure.

With that out of the way, what should also be noted is that, with the digitization and modernization of all sectors, online hiring and assessing tools are popping up in every nook and cranny.
Waddling through all this muddle and picking the best platform for your business is a task in itself, quite an important one at that.

At the risk of sounding redundant, we are here to help! Go through this chapter for an understanding on how best can you choose the perfect glove-like fit tool for your business.

Let us now stop and ask ourselves these questions before diving head first into picking an online assessment platform.

  • Does the tool evaluate a candidate’s performance adequately to meet the desired outcomes?
  • Does the tool help in filtering out candidates as per the required job profile?
  • Does the assessment tool maintain a level of security and confidentiality to ensure there is no cheating or disclosure of data?
  • Is the report detailed and analysed in a way to understand the candidate’s theoretical as well as practical knowledge base?
    …… and so on.

We have thrown in a couple of tips to safely maneuver the clutter and finalize on the right tool.

Ensure it has an extensive question library:
The first criterion that you have to keep in mind while choosing an assessment platform is that it has a relevant and extensive question library. Also it comes as an added advantage if the questions and the tests can be optimized or tailor made to fulfill your needs.

Instant report and it’s analysis:
Online assessments comes with the benefit of eliminating human error. For trainers and recruiters who have been checking and analysing reports manually understands the pain of sitting and going through endless scripts and reports of candidates. It's time to take a breath of relief. Online assessment tests have done away with the need to analyse reports manually. Nowadays in most of the online assessment platforms, the reports generated marks the key performance area of a candidate with a detailed report analysis and the candidate’s answers as well. Recruiters can design their hiring and training module based on the data derived from the report.

One which removes the need for invigilation and does away with cheating:
One of the features of an online exam system which will set it apart from its other competitors in the market will have anti-cheating features in place to counter cheating effectively. Most of the tools have auto-proctoring measure. Where an exam can be proctored using a webcam, with options like navigating away from test window or blocking "copy-paste", "print-screen" controls etc. This approach does away with requirement of a manual proctor and requirement of hiring and paying a test invigilator.

Gives you support- Operational, Customer and Technical
Many recruiters will not have a technical know-how to handle related to the software. For them, new updates, "bug-fixing", operational and technical support are jargons. They might require proper application/software support at each stage of the exam creation and completion. For using more advanced features like skills-based simulation tests, high-stakes tests they may require proper support to conduct the test. In those scenarios operational support should only be a phone call or live chat away.

A good online examination software should be able to provide client support and have a technical back-end working actively to keep the software up to date and compatible.

There are many tools swathing the market and each of are perfect in their imperfections depending on your specific requirements. Even though each one is perfect in its imperfect way these tips are simply some directions to help you get in the process of choosing the correct tool for yourself. The next chapter will run through various points which will help you in narrowing down the precise tool as per your requirements.