How do I pick the right test?

The average cost of any bad hiring decision can actually equal up to 30% of the individual’s a year earnings. (The US Department of Labor and Statistics)

 In a more traditional approach to filtering out candidates, what happens is that 99.4 percent of the time is actually spent, subconsciously, in trying to reaffirm an impression the interviewer formed in the first 10 seconds.

With questions like, What are your strengths?, What is your greatest weakness? in reality, get us zero concrete insights.The array of random and sometimes unbelievable questions or tasks candidates have been subjected to shows Even worse are those ridiculous brainteasers like, "You are a paper manufacturer and you are considering building a second plant. Should you" or "What usually runs in your mind when you are alone in your car?"

Unstructured old school interviews are know to explain only about 14 percent of a candidate’s performance. To get the numbers up, a perfect compilation of the right assessments and tests is a must. Add to this a dash of assessments on cognitive ability, conscientiousness, leadership, soft skill test and there you will have the perfect filtering and hiring mechanism in place for your candidates.

Here below are some more points that will demonstrate how to finalize on the right assessment for your various open positions:

Understand your requirements
This step is very important as it will guide you in choosing the right online assessment tool that integrates the applicable dimensions according to your criteria. What you can do here is take the assessments yourself and read the test manuals for better judgment.
Before choosing an online assessment, you must clearly understand the requirements required for the positions you want. Because the results of such an assessment only make sense when it is related to the required profile for the job.
For example, for personality tests, you can ask yourself questions like: does the job require more strength or more objectivity? Does the job involve any management in terms of a team? Is any type of ethical behavior essential for this role?

Vary your assessments choices
Candidate’s learning styles can vary widely, and their strengths and challenges with respect to assessment vary as well. When choosing assessments methods it is important to offer a variety of choices because in this way you can assess candidate’s understanding and their knowledge. It helps to judge an overall set of skills or well-rounded set of abilities.

It has to be the perfect balance
There is no one perfect assessment that can determine the top talents which you are looking for with all the right necessary skill sets. By keeping a perfect balance, you use can effectively predict future candidate behavior and skill sets related to technical, organizational and behavioral characteristics.

Technically Sound Assessments
Hiring assessments must be a reliable and useful for making good hiring decisions. This is important to have an assessment reliable because if the result changes for the same person every time he/she takes the assessment, it is never possible to know which result is true for that particular candidate.
Also keep in mind, including a technical assessment does not in and of itself guarantee quality. A recruiter should determine whether the group characteristics, sample size, relationship to performance, and other aspects of the information are appropriate.

Don't miss out on aptitude
It is very important to add Aptitude tests in an online assessment because these are designed to measure a candidate’s work-related cognitive capacity. The concept behind aptitude tests is that every question has only one correct answer to pick, and can be correctly solved. What do aptitude tests actually measure? These tests measure a candidate’s fluid and crystallized intelligence. The theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence propose that a person’s intelligence is composed of a number of different abilities that can interact and work together to produce overall individual intelligence. Through a well-chosen aptitude assessment, you can provide a battery of tests to check the correct job-fit via verbal reasoning, communication skills, numerical ability and technical tests.

Psychometric assessment for the right cultural fit
Psychometric tests are a standardized and scientific method to measure a candidate’s mental capabilities and behavioral style. By adding these tests into your assessments, can provide a wide range of test results in terms of behavioral styles and cognitive abilities of the candidates including employee's work performance.

Finally a human touch
A bit of human instinct will be the perfect seasoning to seal the deal. Assessments you choose should not be culturally biased in any particular way. Fairness is a claim that many assessment providers companies gloss over by providing such assessments that they could meet some standard guidelines. And remember that a single assessment can only offer you a limited understanding of a candidate’s potential. Using multiple types of assessments limits the risk of misinterpretation and also provides a complete view of a candidate’s potential.