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Hire Freshers With Integrated Online Hiring Platform

It is often seen that many companies, especially those which are small to medium sized enterprises and startups, struggle a lot to hire new graduates or freshers. Also, sometimes it feels like there is a gap between freshers and corporates. Corporates always are willing to hire freshers with proven excellence and a thrive to grow within the company as hiring freshers can be cost efficient for the organization. Similarly, freshers feel a little lost in assessing a company or understanding which organization is best for their career growth. In these cases, online platforms can act as the bridge between freshers and corporates to eliminate any gap that might be between them.

Getting a successful campus drive in the best colleges can sometimes prove to be a challenge if you don't have a big and established brand name. Also, the requirements in your company for freshers can evolve and change anytime during the year - and as we all know, college freshers are available only at the end of their academic year. So, what do you do? Do you wait for colleges to finish their academic year? Or do you work on changing your talent requirements? In cases like that, how can you still hire quality freshers? Evalground comes here with the aim to bridge the gap between graduates and corporates through data driven and artificial intelligence based industry and academia-backed skill testing.

Recruitment Driven By Assessments

We at Evalground believe in skill testing as per the job roles. With us, simplicity is the key. We do not believe in generic tests which are not conclusive if a candidate will be good at their chosen role. We believe in assessing freshers for different roles at scale.

How It Works?

Post A Job Opening

Define your job opening in a simple and clear way.

Invite Candidates

Easily reach out to candidates through our job posting feature.

Applicant Shortlisting

With C-Track, easily shortlist your target candidates.

Customized Hiring Flow

Define the recruitment flow that you wish to follow.

Candidate Tracking

Get a clear view on which candidates are in which 'stage' of your recruitment process.