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Sourcing Tips To Enhance Your Hiring Process

Employing the correct candidate for a job has never been more significant as Millennials and Generation Z quickly becoming the foundation of the workforce. Their agile and transient way to deal with work, is a long way from the ‘job for life’ disposition of the Baby Boomers, and brings about a consistent progression of representatives.…
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HR management software

HR Management Software: The What And Why Explained

Human resource management for a very long time has become extensively technology dependent. Innovation and technology deliver automation and mechanization that is replacing manual obstruction in all parts of HR management. This computerized feature helps increment the efficiency of the HR department. Therefore, HR departments including employee payroll and finance, their performance appraisal, recruitment management,…
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Cost Per Hire

Recruitment Metrics: Cost Per Hire

Any sort of measurements or key performance metrics are crucial to determine an organization’s prosperity. They are the particular values and qualities that give a sign of an organization’s general wellbeing and performance.  Recruitment metrics will be estimations used to assess the recruitment procedure, track recruiting success and achievement, advance the employing procedure and decide…
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Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing 101: Why Is It Crucial For Your Business?

Recruitment Marketing is the way toward pulling in and supporting skilled people to your organization by promoting or marketing to them. The principal objective of recruitment marketing is to drive people to apply to the open positions your organization has available. Recruitment marketing is the starting phase of talent acquisition Recruitment marketing can be streamlined…
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Social Media Recruiting

Social Media Recruiting: Tips To Enhance Your Hiring

Social media. What can we say about it that you don’t already know right? Updating status, uploading pictures and videos, Like, Comment, Share, etc. I am sure all these ran through your mind in a flash just as you read the words “Social Media”. But, how would you feel if we told you that social…
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Talent pipeline

What is Talent Pipeline and Why Is It Crucial?

A talent pipeline can be characterized as a pool of gifted potential applicants who are qualified and are searching for a change and are set up to step up and fill relevant key jobs inside the organization as soon as an opening comes up.  This ready talent pool can incorporate internal workers who show guarantee…
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Talent Mapping

Recruitment Metric: Talent Mapping

Very often, HR departments recruit responsively or reactively—which means they just try to fill the positions as they open off. Talent mapping, then again, is a proactive methodology used to forecast long term recruitment needs and in this way develop organizational support for new jobs after some time. Basically, talent mapping overcomes any barrier between…
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Remote Jobs_

Remote Jobs: The New Reality

Long before the deadly coronavirus pandemic hit us all across the globe, the remote job market was already on a steady rise, each day with more and more employees looking out for flexible work culture and arrangements that allows them to have flexible work hours and work from home options or travel the globe. In…
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How to Build An Efficient Hiring Funnel

How to Build An Efficient Hiring Funnel

This huge information explosion in the amount of data available today is like the blast the marketing scene found in the mid-2000s when the industry was introduced to customer data. Now that finally, the recruiters have access to similar types of data and information as sales teams and marketers, it’s becoming more evident that recruiting…
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How to prepare for this hiring season

How To Be Prepared For This Hiring Season?

Owing to the growth of India’s top-performing industries such as IT, retail, and banking, as well as the country has been continuing its focus on innovation, and needless to say, the Indian economy is growing at an attractive rate, till the pandemic has arrived. The recent pandemic has led to a great change in the…
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