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Automated online test proctoring

A Detailed Guide On Automated Online Test Proctoring

Exams are an important component of any program  and online educational programs are not any exception. In any exam, there’s an opportunity of cheating, and thus , its detection and prevention are important. Educational credentials must reflect actual learning so as to retain their value to society. Massive open online courses and other sorts of…
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Data Driven Recruitment

Benefits Of Having A Data Driven Recruitment Plan

Since time immemorial we have seen traditional recruiting relying largely on luck and intuition more than factual data, which was extremely time-consuming to gather and analyze. Recruiters and hiring teams could only hope to wait for results and assume that their recruiting methods were effective. With workforce demands on an all time rise in the…
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Recruiting Automation

How Is Recruiting Automation Used In The Hiring Process?

In case you’re recruiting at scale, you may run into various issues. With an always increasing number of candidates to interview and open roles to fill an under-dimensioned hiring division—it’s nothing unexpected that you may be experiencing difficulty sourcing and choosing qualified applicants for your association.  That is the place where recruiting automation comes in. …
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remote recruiting

Tips To Have A Stellar Remote Recruiting Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed how every organization is attracting, hiring, and retaining employees working completely in a virtual manner with their virtual teams, this has made remote work the new normal in today’s world. Remote working is no longer just an experimental idea—today, it’s a reality for most of us around the world.…
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Employment Skills Test

Meaning Of Employment Skills Test And Its Benefits

A skills test is an assessment used to give an unbiased, approved assessment of an applicant’s capacity to perform the part of job duties that come with working responsibilities. Normally, a skills test asks an assortment of questions in various formats to perceive how candidates perform on-the-job tasks. A decent skills test incorporates questions that…
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hire coders

Hire Coders Using Coherent Online Assessment Platform

In the digital age, fast-moving organizations can no longer afford to hire employees just as per their resumes and the recruiters’ gut instincts. That’s why the use of assessments in pre-hiring has become very popular, not just for IQ skills, but for coding skills as well. The goal here is to use an assessment that…
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Virtual Recruiting Strategies and The Most Common Ones

Before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few associations were at that point dealing with certain parts of their recruiting strategies virtually. As nations worldwide change into a post-lockdown period, it’s mission-critical for organizations to utilize virtual recruitment solutions. Likewise, as the economy is picking up a feeling of regularity, numerous organizations are moving…
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Well Established Online Talent Assessment Tests

A capable and gifted talent acquisition or recruiting professional can attract, enroll, select, and facilitate the retention of candidates utilizing compelling techniques and systems. Solid talent acquisition skills are principal to the achievement of an organization as they guarantee to find and put resources into the right talent for development. Online assessment tests are conducted…
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Key Performance Metrics

Key Performance Metrics: Top 5 KPMs and Their Uses

You have a job vacancy in your organization. You publish an ad and wait. You wait and wait for the right candidate to just click on your ad and send their resume but nothing of that sorts happen. Does this often happen to you? Struggling to find the right candidate. What is wrong? You are…
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Benefits of Building A Talent Pool

Recruiters nowadays must be shrewd. It’s hard enough to discover extraordinary candidates all things considered, so why risk losing top talent since they didn’t cut it this time for this specific job?  Truth be told, why not assemble a relationship with them and keep them intrigued?  How?  By building and dealing with a talent pool! …
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