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Trends shaping the picture of global hiring

The global recruitment industry has grown exponentially in the past few years giving a boom to the HR industry. In the recent years this space has gotten some relevant changes such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile recruiting, social media hiring, online assessment portals, and the list goes on and on. Not only that, experts and…
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Build Your Network Before The Peak Hiring Season

Hiring season can be a grind for recruiters. Endless, long, late nights working hard to get the “perfect candidate”. But instead of going through the whole turmoil, we say, be prepared for it even before the hiring season starts. Being prepared is much better than making the wrong hiring decisions in the heat of the…
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5 Hiring Hacks That Should Not Be Missed This Season

Hiring seasons might sound like a myth to some job seekers, but if you have been actively searching for jobs for some time now you will know that hiring season ain’t Santa Claus, it’s reality. There are certain times in a year that are far better than others to apply for jobs. When it comes…
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job search engines

Job Search Engines: Meaning and How They Have Changed Job Searches.

There is much debate about the efficiency of job search engines in today’s day and age. Are you receiving any quality results from creating an account and uploading your resume to these job search engines? Or instead, do you just receive spam mail and calls for offers nowhere close to what you’re looking for. Are…
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Target Passive Candidates : Using Social Media!

Employers need to realize they are in the face of an existential threat in terms of sourcing and hiring candidates who are active. When it is common to find active job seekers, however, it is often said that the best hires are those who aren’t looking for a job at all. These kind of candidates…
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Top Online Assessment Tools For Better Hiring

Online assessment tools are such category of human resource management (HRM) that actually handles the process of posting of jobs and attracting top talent for any vacant positions within the organization. Recruiting right candidates streamlines the entire candidate search and hiring process to make it easier for organizations to add new hire. From posting jobs…
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personality test

Top Five Corporate Personality Tests

Corporate personality tests are essential tools used by recruiters to evaluate candidates’ suitability for a position within a company. These tests delve deeper than what’s written on a resume, providing insights into candidates’ personalities, work styles, and potential fit within the company culture. While qualifications and experience are crucial, corporate personality tests offer a more…
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Why Hiring Managers Should Use Psychometric Test Online?

The word psychometric basically refers to the measurement of the mind. Unlike facets such as education, skills, experience, appearance and punctuality, the behavioral traits and personality of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during an interview. Recruiters, nowadays use psychometric test online during their recruitment process to help give a better overall…
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Top Campus Recruitment Strategies To Employ While Recruiting

Campus recruitment season is here and the easiest way to get your future employees is by having a successful campus recruitment session. While many recruiters see on-campus recruiting as a quick and easy way to source junior-level recruits and link students to open jobs, the real result is that the school a person attends has…
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Multi-Criteria Online Assessment Tools For Recruiters

Multi-Criteria Online Assessment Tools For Recruiters

Every organisation needs a new employee at some point. When it comes to recruiting them, it can be costly or painful. And if you’re unlucky then both. The good news is, nowadays, the internet is loaded with a lot of Online Recruiting Tools to make these tasks easy. These tools that were once traded with…
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