Bulk Recruitment: 5 Tips to get a thriving process

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It has been repeated endless times that no hire is better than having a bad hire. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hiring decision can be as much as 30 percent of an employee’s annual salary. However, fret not, just because you are hiring in bulk does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the hire.

What is bulk recruitment, we might know but are we aware of what not to do while we indulge in bulk recruitment?

Hmmm.. Not so much right? We are here to jot down some common mistakes that are done during a bulk recruitment process.
Have you been doing these following things:

  • Having a vague, incomplete job description? Stop it today!
  • Still sticking to the old tried and tested methods? Get better!
  • Asking a lot of “Why”s instead of “Why not”? Change your mindset!
  • Failing to take your internal referrals seriously? It’s time to make your existing employees happy!
  • Creating a hole in your pocket by hiring external recruitment platforms? Don’t exhaust your profit!
  • Still waiting for that ONE perfect candidate? It’s time to change!

Then, we are here to save the day!

First and foremost, out with the old and in with the new bulk-hiring strategies! Bulk hiring is a great thing when done with the right tools and can save you a ton of money and time…

1. Hail the technology!

Are you still taking handwritten notes to remember your daily tasks? No way right.! Then why still follow the same old screening process for sources of bulk-hiring? When the world is changing at a rapid pace, why stay behind with your hiring decisions? The positively prehistoric methods are out of the way and in comes new age tech like online assessment platforms and applicant tracking systems.
One such platform is Evalground, which is an automated screening process which will do away with you spending hours sifting through mountains of resumes and applications.

Instead, just log into an online platform and let them help you screen, assess as well as test the candidates and save up on time, cost and energy.

2. Track your applicants

Applicant tracking system is like a precious gift bestowed upon your bulk recruitment strategies.

ATS does not only help you attract a wide array of candidates by steering the candidates towards your job posting but also it helps in collecting data, storing, screening, organizing and tracking the whole talent pipeline as well. Evalground has come up with this amazing feature to make your experience with the platform more fulfilling. The great thing about Evalground ATS is that you don’t have to spend any extra money to use it. If you are a registered user of the platform, you can use it at no extra cost.

3. Your HR team is not a superhero squad

We get it that HR managers are super recruiters who can assess the requirements of an organization and follow-through, however, a mass hiring process can be a bit too much for these super recruiters as well.

Assess your HR’s status to contact, assess, manage all at once, and consider what extra resources may be fundamental in this process — be it a project supervisor, a specially dedicated task force to regulate the bulk recruitment, extra HR staff, an outsourced consulting firm, an online assessment portal, etc. Again, an ATS is an amazing online tool which is a saviour when it comes to saving these superhero HRs from getting exhausted with all the work that goes into a bulk-hiring process. It is better to spend some money on an online application than overworking your employees. In the long run, it will indeed save you a lot.

4. Do not undervalue the cost of bulk-hiring

A mass recruitment procedure requires extensive promoting endeavours with a specific end goal to achieve enough potential applicants. That is especially the case in enterprises that have bounced back from the Great Recession and intensified their employing techniques.

What’s more, if your HR group doesn’t have the necessary assets to play out a mass hiring, it could be expensive to re-allocate them from somewhere else in your association or acquire them from outside. Moreover, a mass-hiring process will require adequate space, staff, tables and seats, signage, and so forth.

Take mind in arranging each step of the bulk-hiring so you can budget precisely.

5. Develop a quick screening process

When faced with thousands of candidates, the standard processes won’t eliminate the candidates in a quick swift procedure, it will eliminate one then move on to another at warp speed.

Though there’s no single methodology that guarantees success, your organization ought to produce a brief list of imperative qualifications or skills — no over 3 or four — required for every position to be crammed throughout a mass hiring process and successful bulk hiring techniques.

If you still need further assistance, we at Evalground are here to help! Just specify your needs and we will create assessments on your behalf. We have our own set of assessments but if you want something more, we will customize it for you. We also have a large library where you can find a number of questions related to every topic you can think of!

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