Pros and Cons of Bulk Hiring Process

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunch of talented, enthusiastic and pre-screened candidates waiting to join your organization? Well, bulk hiring makes it all possible.

Lets maybe start off by discussing how to know if your bulk hiring process might be a little wrong!

Your bulk recruitment strategies start off with vague job descriptions.
 You always seem to be hiring under pressure.
 Too many candidates to screen.
 Too many interviewers.
 Being unprepared, not always by choice.
 Your bulk recruitment strategies involve, pay up and wait.
 Or, post it and wait.
 Social media is really not your cuppa.
 Logistics is becoming an all-engulfing black hole in your bulk recruitment process.
 Perception-based hiring is a tough one to dodge.
 The panel lacks in the required technical knowledge.
 You wonder, “why is there not a better way for sourcing, assessing, onboarding that also suits me”.

Biggest mistake of them all..
You don’t utilize tools present today that can cut your hiring costs and time by over 60%.
Yup, you can now be assessing 1000’s of candidates and not be spending on precious man-hours in screening time, right from the comfort of your cabin.
So how to do bulk hiring better???

Big giants like IBM, Infosys, Cognizant, etc, for sources of bulk hiring, have the legacy of conducting and take part in enormous job fairs, hackathons, etc.to get their bulk hiring strategies, talent pipeline fueling new projects, etc streamlined.

In a sense, it is a show of great strength for companies to go over and recruit a number of people to add on to their teams. That indicates that not only the company is flourishing it is also helping candidates in channeling their talent. Bulk hiring is a concept which helped not only employers but also employees alike. This is like an umbrella where the employers and employees and connect with each other with minimum to absolute no wastage of time. This is one of the most efficient ways of hiring when hiring target is large.

However,  nailing the right bulk recruitment strategies is not a walk in the park.

Bulk hiring or mass hiring is something which requires extreme levels of patience, efficiency and also maintaining the time crunch, from your HR team.

No wonder they are the rockstars you can put your faith in.

We know what you are thinking, let’s not waste any more time and let’s JUMP IN to discuss the Pros and Cons of bulk hiring, to help you thread the line with as much discretion as possible.


1.Getting comfortable with technology

What does it mean to you? How important is “tech-friendly” in your mass hiring strategies 

We are not talking about the good ol’ online job boards, online applications, follow up emails. We are not saying that it is not essential in the whole recruitment process, well, it is.

BUT.! Is it possible to utilize the currently available tech in the market in such a way so that your recruiting pain points are answered to?

Good news.! As it turns out, it is not only probable but definitely possible.

Online assessment portals such as Evalground, have been visionaries in their fields in pre-screening and testing candidates in an automated way. These portals not only help you screen and assess, you also get assured on the quality of the candidates as there are many filtration such as, webcam monitoring, window proctoring, etc. to find out the perfect fit for you.

2. Cost cutting

No wonder you have heard it a million times and thought about it yourself a gazillion times.
Yet! it is a well-established fact that bulk hiring helps you in cutting the expenses in a colossal way also, you can delegate the excess funds to other required places within your organization itself. Hence, it is not just a thing which you do for one day and be done with it. Bulk hiring actually helps you save up on cost by eliminating the excess costs by doing away with redundant administration costs, advertising costs, expenses for applicants and staffs, etc. and eventually decreasing the cost per hire.

3. Branding of your company

Mostly, in a bulk recruitment process as there is a colossal group of candidates circling it is a kind of indirect marketing and branding activity for the organization among the job seekers. It is common for job seekers when they redundantly observe a similar brand and they tend to enlist and make an impression. Along these lines, the association gets benefited by aberrant showcasing of the brand. Henceforth, mass hiring isn’t a just favorable position for the job seeker yet additionally for the recruiter as well.


1. Competition is higher:

Generally, in any sort of bulk recruiting strategies, there should be room for a great many job searchers participating in the event. Sifting through the colossal group is by all accounts troublesome.

2. A huge group has a tendency to create stress and pressure:

Bulk hiring processes are constantly swarmed and chaotic. In some instances, due to the enormous group work and time taken to complete the whole process, job seekers have a tendency to get anxious and worried in confronting employers. What’s more, there are enormous odds of missing THE RIGHT ONE in a big group.

3. Chances of missing out “THE ONE”

There will be endless people taking part in a mass hiring process, so your bulk hiring techniques should not be such that it becomes hectic and chaotic for your HR team as we already mentioned.

But what about the candidates? How to do bulk hiring right so your candidates don’t get left out in the wild goose chase. 

Long waiting hours, endless faces and potential competition can break even the toughest candidates. Which might affect their performance during the various rounds and hence it can mean that you might miss out on the perfect candidate for your organization in all the hustle and bustle.

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