Recruitment Strategies To Watch Out For In 2024

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Any organisation’s main asset is in their human resources. Recruiting is one of the pivotal corporate practices and more often than not it is highly overlooked. There are many recruitment strategies in the market which have been aided as ‘tried and tested ‘ methods and are still trending in the recruiting industry today. But, due to the dynamic nature of the technological industry which is ever- evolving, the recruitment processes are beginning to change as well. These recruitment strategies listed below are here to stay.

Recruitment has started to take a very new shape with the various emerging hiring trends for 2024. Simply put, recruitment is no longer just about getting the right talent for the right position. It has now diversified into a strong employer branding, using analytics to have a more precise reporting system, delivering a great interview experience to the candidates, etc.

Best Recruitment Strategies For In 2024:

1. Employer Branding

This should be one of the priliminary point in your initial planning of yuor recruitment strategies. Isn’t it always easier to attract the candidates when they are already aware of your organization? Being associated with an established and strong employer brand provides a better foundation for desired hiring. Having a well established and distinct employer-branding in today’s fast paced talent market is the primary key to attract high- quality talents. Compelling and thought provoking job descriptions, shorter and real-time tracking of the interview processes etc, gives a huge boost to your employer branding by a great deal. Hence, this will help you in attracting qualified talent and also reduce the hiring cost to a great extent. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has become almost synonymous with the technological world today. With Artificial Intelligence becoming increasingly and easily available, it isn’t surprising that it has become popular among recruitment trends as well. 

Countless applications are available in the recruitment industry today which has already implemented AI in streamlining various areas of recruitment starting from screening potential employees to scheduling interviews and conducting online tests, etc. These AI bots helps in removing any kind of human bias within the recruitment process making the process more efficient and goal- oriented. 

Tools such as Evalground’s dedicated Applicant Tracking System C-Track can be used to filter applications based on given criteria such as keywords, marks scored, skills, years of experience, etc. C-Track helps you in not only maintaining the track of candidates applied but also in customizing the hiring process as per your requirement. Before shortlisting the candidates who applied for a job position, it is very important to organize the hiring process. This ensures that you are tracking the right candidates. For example, the hiring process can be narrowed down to five different rounds. Each round shows the shortlisted candidates in that particular round, giving you a very clear view of your recruitment funnel.

3. Hunt for passive candidates

There have been millions of blogs who have talked about the relevancy of passive candidates, if you are still new to the buzzword don’t worry, it simply represents the group of candidates who are employed and they are not actively looking for jobs. These candidates more often than not are the best prospects for the job since they have relevant domain knowledge and are aware of the brouhaha at a workplace. To target them, create a job description or a job poster with compelling message showcasing the challenge the company is facing and how you want the candidates to come to the rescue. This will vividly exhibit the value they are adding to the company. Once you gain their interest then you can follow up and open up a discussion thus guiding them to the hiring funnel.

4. Use online platforms for skill assessment

We cannot stress on this enough, an online tool will be super handy for you to hire super skilled candidates. How does it work? Very simple, it will be an online platform where the candidates will take up the test created by you or your team, and you can send the test links to them and they take up the test in a proctored environment thus you get detailed report of each test taker’s performance. Voila! everything automated from start till the end.

So, once they clear threshold you can take them to the next level of the hiring process. It will reduce the agonizing stress of going through zillions of resumes, maintaining different spreadsheets to save candidate’s performance, hiring skilled candidates and evaluation the answer scripts if you conduct a pen and paper evaluation. We understand your pain and hence we would recommend you to take a free trial of our platform and believe it yourself.

5. Educate interviewers with recent interview techniques

It has been right rightly said, “Change is the only constant”, so going by that philosophy we would recommend you to keep the wheel of learning new techniques constantly moving. Asking rudimentary interview questions won’t help you either in deducing the attitude or the aptitude of the candidate. We all know that countless politically correct answers for such questions are available on the Internet, so no more asking where do see yourself in 5 years. Instead, we recommend you asking candidates to tell their story since it is a broad question, the things which they value a lot or are impactful in their life will come out of their mouth first, that is when you can start analyzing the attitude and aptitude of person. Try to recruit freelancers or interns for creative works or fresh ideas, and listen to their stories. Dialogue is better than a monologue, proper vetting of a candidate is highly required, connect with them LinkedIn and build up a rapport with a better professional environment.

6. Make retention efforts proactive

You don’t want the employees to sulk each day till they say TGIF, show them the value they bring each day. Arrange accreditation programs, felicitate the top performers, flexibility in the organization (be it work shifts, bring pets, wear shorts, or graffiti on office walls, anything will work), modify benefits for each individual, and last but not the least keep a track of the retention and the employee satisfaction data. Also, if budget is not a constraint for you then you can think of making cool offices spaces to entice millennials.

We would also recommend you creating an entrepreneurial environment and nurturing each employee and educating them about the role they will play in the development of the organization. Make sure you praise them in public and counsel in private. Great products like Gmail and Google Suggest were created by Google employees during their “Free Time”, now you can imagine benefits it will bring to an organization by promoting entrepreneurship and innovative ideas.  

7. Use podcast and videos to attract attention

We are living in the era of the Internet, so nothing works better than using online platforms to reach out to the candidates. Focus on the “About Us” page on your company website, upload videos showcasing the culture of the company, various workspaces for each department, testimonials given by existing employees, and services or amenities available in the office. Also, opt for a mobile-friendly process.

You can also create a web series or a podcast asking the Head or Lead Managers to discuss on topic for around 10 minutes or so. The topics can be anything relevant to your industry, but the main concept here is to, deliver educational thoughts which will lure any candidates who are searching for such topics. Google and LinkedIn they all have podcasts or videos which garners serious attention because of the quality of topics they cover. So, go and start working on creating a great influential employer band from today and we know you will be amazed by the responses.

8. Broadcast referral incentives

There are various ways you can promote referral incentives in your company, build up a rapport with the top performing employees. Inform them about the vacancies in various departments and the type of individual they are looking for, for example, top salespersons know several other talented salespersons in the industry. Birds of same feather flock together, so why not, go ahead and give it a shot. We would suggest you few tricks to achieve those results, introduce cash incentives or a short paid vacation as a referral bonus. You can also ask the team leaders of the respective departments to promote highly important positions during team or board meetings. You can also add a referral program to the performance appraisal cycle thereby gaining the attention of each employee within your organization.

9. Assess for criteria other than experience

This is an important issue which needs to addressed separately, everyone knows the Catch 22 phrase here, They want a job – You need experience – For Job They need Experience – They are left feeling unemployed, this vicious cycle goes on, and only God knows, how many great talents our industry  have missed out just because candidates didn’t have any industry experience to prove their mettle. They are countless stories such as Tanmay Bakshi, Pranav Yadav, and Bhavin Turakia. You should look beyond the numbers of industry experience, in fact,  focus on the skills and the tenacity of the candidate. Your motto should not be to hire employees to “work for you” instead to “work with you”. Steve Jobs once said, “We don’t hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” To hire real people you need to use hearts because gazing at the experience numbers won’t matter.

10. Apprehend the value of every hire

Finally, after sifting through loads of candidates, you have selected the gems for your organization. Now you need to guide them so that they can align with the company’s long-term and short-term goals. You can also assist them with IJP programs within the organization so that the company can utilize their skills to excel in their core domains. Also, focus on giving freedom to the employees as they legends say birds sing the best in the forest no in a cage. Lastly, we wish you all the best and hope that each employee adds up to the overall value and growth of the company.

Until next time, adios!

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