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Remote Employee Engagement

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely redefined the way teams communicate and work. While remote work used to be offered only to a lucky few may be in the IT industry or by some companies as a way to offer a more flexible lifestyle to their employees, it has now become the norm for most businesses. 

Recruiting remote workers requires you to discover better approaches for attracting, interviewing, and onboarding your workforce. the great thing is that great talent isn’t contained in one region; it’s spread all around the world. Luckily, remote recruitment is possible thanks to the latest recruitment technology.

Remote recruiting include sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting workers who are located somewhere else. Remote recruiters use the latest technology to connect with candidates regardless of where they’re found. Embracing remote recruitment is particularly significant now that such countless worldwide organizations are progressing to work from home setting in the wake of the worldwide COVID-19 emergency.

What strikes a chord when you think about the term Employee Engagement? 

  • Keeping employees occupied in their jobs. 
  • Getting just the high performing candidates onboard.
  • Or on the other hand, giving an attractive paycheck to support your employees’ performance and commitment. 

All things considered, if these are the only things that you envision it to be, then it’s about time we change your impression. 

Employee Engagement is much more than just a program; it involves a social shift — an improvement in how things are done and how the communication flows from the highest level to the bottom of the organization. Engagement cannot just be a two-minute activity in of each meeting, where it will have a higher possibility of being ignored by the employees. It’s not a per-person activity; it is a part of an ongoing business. Also, if you think in a broader perspective, once you start your journey on strategic employee engagement, there is no finishing line, it is a continuous process, a journey without a final destination.

Employee engagement is a majorly a workplace describing the correct work conditions for all members from an organization to give of their best every day, focused on their organization’s objectives and goals, motivated to add to the overall organizational achievement, with their very own improved feeling of well-being. 

Employee engagement depends on trust, honesty, it is a two-way road of commitment and open communication between an organization and its employees. It is a methodology that builds up the chances of business success, adding to management’s as well as individual performance, profitability, and prosperity. employee engagement is something that can be quantified. It tends to be nurtured, supported, and drastically increased.

In simple words, as described by a business dictionary, “Employee engagement is the emotional connection an employee feels towards his or her organization, which tends to influence his or her behaviors and level of effort in work-related activities.”

Since the pandemic as remote working and work from home has become the new working culture, this article brings to you some online platforms that can go a long way in maintaining your talented workforce.


Officevibe allows for the quick measurement of employee satisfaction in real-time and also offers you tips to create a better workplace. It sends employee engaging and eye-catching surveys each week and collects information through this.

This encourages employee interaction and makes for a pleasant work atmosphere among co-workers. Also, Officevibe provides you with detailed reports from which you can learn and develop your next steps for a better workplace. A creative transparent workplace goes a long way in the retention of employees. Officevibe allows for employee feedback where managers can reply to employees’ concerns and show that they care.


TINYpulse is an employee feedback system that provides a mixture of management surveys and a  “cheers” feature authored by colleagues to encourage more frequent communication. The “cheers” allows management to commend its employees on a job well done and allows for improvement in relevant skills. This form of peer to peer recognition is an effective step in talent retention. Through this platform management can raise questions on a weekly basis and employees can answer them, anonymously if need be. The platform helps bring employee grievances to light so that they can be effectively addressed. This prevents any build-up of team issues and enables tackling of pain points.


Slack is an innovative team communication solution that offers incredible functionality. Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration system that helps employees focus by enabling you to separate messages, discussions, and notifications by purpose, department, or topic. Employees can submit any feedback or grievances, and this information is sent to the appropriate Slack channel via API automatically. Through this, they can read accolades about themselves or others on the team, quickly and easily.


A recognized employee is a loyal employee. WooBoard is a cloud-based employee recognition platform to secure a motivated and engaged workplace. A survey conducted by the platform states that 67% of employees rate employee recognition as the top motivator for performance, above financial and non-financial incentives. WooBoard sets a stage for companies to promote their values. In this way, employees can align with these values and become motivated to achieve them.  It helps incentivize the stimuli behind performance, engagement, and teamwork. It offers a Point system that rewards points to users based on their engagement activity such as sending or receiving “woos” etc. WooBoard also provides the service of creating and managing an employee recognition program.


Pomello focuses on determining what motivates employees within the workplace thereby fortifying employee retention. Its aims at building a high-performance company culture. Regular surveys are sent to analyze engagement practices and see how they can be bettered. The analytics provides outline areas to improve employee experience and graphs help to determine whether employees are a perfect cultural fit in a team. It assists in calculating job satisfaction and recognizing the gaps between personal and team values.


This is a full-featured employee review, feedback, and peer praise platform.  A unique feature is its key strengths dashboard. This is where employees and managers can list out the skills for the employee’s role and then track feedback on that skill. It provides employees with a roadmap for professional development by measuring the proficiency of the employee’s overtime.

Impraise can help managers set up reviews and ask key employees for quantitative and qualitative feedback on a staff member, as well as gather feedback on their own management performance from their direct reports.


This is a platform that allows you to follow the moods and other factors affecting your employees. Hppy is an interactive platform where managers pose questions and employees can respond with only three replies namely happy okay or sad. By monitoring the trend in their replies managers can send thank you cards to lift their spirits. Managers can also calculate their team’s or company’s HppyIndex or happiness index and use this in reports.

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