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In today’s world a programmer is expected to be proficient in designing and creating software programs, integrating systems and software, training end-users, analyzing algorithms, modifying source-code, writing system instructions, debugging, and maintaining operating systems. All these things might sound like rocket science but for a good programmer this is as routine as taking a morning coffee.

Evalground is one such platform that specializes in technical programming tests and quantitative fitness tests which enables the selection representatives to assess applicants on basic, advanced, tangible and other intangible soft skill capabilities to guarantee that top performers with the right cultural fit and job-fitment, get to the last interview rounds. Our meticulously crafted, subject matter expert backed, the library will enable the recruiter to pick the best of the class candidates from the lot. This will help streamline the entire recruitment procedure by influencing it and cutting down on time and costs.

You might think that programming tests are generic in nature and are not enough to test a software engineer’s coding or programming skills. But fret not! Evalground brings custom made programming tests for role specific hiring as well. For instance, take a look at the Java Coding Test to get a clearer understanding on how the role specific assessments work!

Apart from these role based tests Evalground also provides various coding tests, to know more check out our Online Coding tests

Programming Test

Evalground is one such platform that specializes in technical programming tests

Sample Test

Reports That Are Tried, Tested And TRUE!

Detailed reporting is vital for any kind of assessment. Evalground offers a detailed analysis supported with graphs that will help quantifying intangible human behaviour.

Reports are generated in Evalground almost instantly once a candidate finishes taking up the test. These reports and their analysis are detailed to the "T" to help you make an informed decision and comes in with some handy features and benefits such as:

  • Detailed report on individual candidate's overall as well as section wise performance for analysis and decision making for hiring needs.
  • Consolidated reports accompany a feature to shortlist candidates into different groups for further processing.
  • You get to filter out the candidates who practiced any cheating methods by looking into the plagiarism reports which comes along with the reports.
  • The analysis is made and the candidates are filtered as per the options given by you as per your requirements.

Reinvent Your Hiring Process With Evalground

How The Tests Works

In Evalground we believe in simplicity. Our simple user friendly platform comes along with a built in Applicant Tracking System (C-Track) to help you organize and streamline your entire hiring process. Define your recruitment process and become a champion recruiter following such simple steps!

Create the Test

The recruiter will create an online test whose link can be shared privately with the candidates or publicly for recruitment drives.

Host the Test

The candidates takes up the exam in an online proctored environment where cheating prevention methods ensure zero cheating and no manual invigilation.

Detailed Reports

Recruiter gets a section wise detailed report of the candidates’ performance evaluated results.

Happy Hiring!

And that's all! Recruiter has the list of relevant candidates and you are good to go!