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A business consultant can be extremely instrumental to the growth of a business. A business consultant is a person who provides the right counsel, guidance, and training their subordinates in their specialized area of expertise. Since most consultants work in specific subject matters, you should characterize your business requirements before hiring a business consultant.

Unfortunately, anybody can consider themselves a business consultant these days. This opens the market to tricksters and unpracticed counselors. Employing a business consultant implies committing to an enormous investment of time and money.

If you employ a business consultant at the correct time, however, your return on investment can give you huge benefits for your organization's revenue, reputation, and long-term growth and development. Keeping up effective business cycles and activities is essential for keeping up your organization's success or failure.

Frequently, businesses do not have the time or capacity to critically inspect their core tasks and operations and need an objective party to analyze the health of your business processes. Employing a business consultant can upgrade and build up your core business cycles, which gives your business a target set of eyes that can enable your organization to operate more effectively.

Here in the age of uncertainty, Evalground comes in to help you with customised tests to assess a business consultant with respect to your organization’s specific needs. You can choose any test from our extensive library of tests or you can connect with our subject matter experts to create a test as per your requirements so that you can get a list of candidates who are pre screened and you can interview only candidates with proven skills necessary for a Business Consultant profile.

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A business consultant is predominantly an outsider who analyses your business from a birds eye view and provides the extra horsepower required to boost your business. It might become a little confusing while deciding on the right candidate for your proper business growth. That's why Evalground prepares tests which assesses the candidates based on their aptitude, problem solving skills, data interpretation and communication skills as well. Hire a business consultant who works with clients on building strategy, creating future strategic plans and problem solving, and helps you in developing business skills and knowledge. The topics of expertise of the consultant will range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.

Evalground will give you a scalable and dependable online assessment platform which is powered by state of the art artificial intelligence software. It is quick and simple and will spare a ton of your time, effort, and costs.

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Our Most Popular Pre Employment Tests

Aptitude Test

Evaluate candidates on Aptitude (Verbal and Quantitative), Logical Reasoning, IQ, Data Interpretation and Puzzles for multiple roles to ascertain their analytical and problem solving capabilities.

Sample Test

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Adaptive Test

Our adaptive tests are one of the best new additions to our extensive library. Evalground’s adaptive test adapts to a candidate’s skill level by following up with questions based on a candidate’s previous response.

Sample Test

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English Proficiency

Check for proficiency in English Grammar and Vocabulary, Reading and Listening comprehension, Essay Writing. Evaluate Spoken English (audio capture from microphone).

Sample Test

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