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If as a recruiter you've been entrusted with the task of hiring for roles inside data teams of your organization, you may wonder, "How do you differentiate between Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers?"

While the titles may sound extremely similar to each other, every job really centers around a different part of data utilization, all roles are equally important in helping businesses use data to decide on better business choices.

At their best, all the data-driven groups' that work together have skill sets and abilities that compliment each other, encouraging the capture of data, understanding, and dissemination of colossal measures of important relevant data.

Together, they help organizations to become more and more data-driven with quantitative proof – and they depend on each other to do it. The subtleties between Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers may appear to be minute from the start, however, each has an unmistakable distinct role to carry out in deriving and conveying significant insights from data.

A Data Analyst is a generalist, entrusted with deciphering a mixed range of data to educate the decision-makers with better business choices. They help in overcoming any issues between the technical and non-technical decisions, investing as much time and energy cleaning and investigating data as they do making informative visuals and distinct reports.

This job is instrumental in dissecting the quantitative implications of key business choices. At their core, they assume the role of a specialized technical interpreter, handing-off specialized bits of knowledge in a manner that resounds with the organization's non-technical stakeholders.

You need your data analyst to have more than just data interpretation skills, such as:

  • A basic understanding and knowledge of statistics and various data analysis principles.
  • Hands on experience with large amounts of structured as well as unstructured data.
  • Helping in coming up with effective and innovative decisions through data with quantifiable success.
  • Proven hands-on experience with investigative data analysis and data visualization.
  • Apart from this they need to be a very well and effective communicator to ensure that the data interpretations are understood by non technical team members as well.

Hire Specialized Data Analysts With Evalground

Suppose you are interested in hiring candidates with good analytical and data interpretation skills for the role of Data Analyst. You post Job Descriptions on various online job portals and also partner with Candidate Sourcing Vendors. As a result, you end up with a pool of candidates interested in your job opening.

  • What you have: 250 CVs from interested candidates.
  • What you don’t have: The time or the resources to conduct 250 interviews.

CV based filtering is extremely ad-hoc and often results in clerical as well as human errors. Evalground helps you here by designing a curated test which helps you in assessing a candidate’s ability to perform various data analysis and recognize the data trends in a given data set.

Our online test assesses candidates on situations and questions that requires them to analyse the given information in a graphical form. The test also helps in evaluating the ability of the candidate to work with large quantities of data or information in graphical and tabular format to help in making important business decisions and analyse the impact on how the business decision is good enough to make it commercially viable or profitable. Evalground will give you a scalable and dependable online assessment platform which is powered by state of the art artificial intelligence software. It is quick and simple and will spare a ton of your time, effort, and costs.

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