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Basic Skills Test refers to tests which are intended to assess an examinee or student on their verbal and non-verbal, technical skills. etc. depending on their preferred knowledge base or skill set.


Take Evalground’s Skills Test to get certified on skills specific to your job interest or qualifications. Evalground’s extensive library of scientifically proven standardized tests are available on multiple topics such as, aptitude test, java test, english proficiency test, etc. Register now and take up the test to get certified!

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Evalground has a wide-range of practice tests on multiple subjects which you can undertake to help boost your subject knowledge and proficiency.

Get a grasp over your subject learning by taking up tests on varied topics such as mathematics, java, coding, english grammar, etc.

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Personality and Aptitude Tests

Evalground also provides a combination of skills, personality and aptitude tests which can help in providing you with a standardised, useful insights on your skills and predict job performance and company fit.

The personality tests which are available at a very nominal cost will enable you to actively optimize your answers for the position you want. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your candidacy for the position. The zero hassle process and complete privacy on your results will help you analyze your skills better.

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Why Choose Evalground’s Online Skills And Practice Test?

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    Assess the level of knowledge and aptitude of an assessee through scientifically tested assessments.

  • Exam Specialists

    The subject matter experts in our team ensure that you test what you want when you want and how you want. Each test is standardized and customized to specific needs.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    The tests can be scheduled and taken anytime anyplace as per the examinee’s convenience. No more physical restrictions to testing place and time.

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With the right approach and level of practice candidates can cut down their test taking time and improve their knowledge base and polish up their skills set!