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Types-of-RecruitmentStarting with this new year, you’re most likely starting to consider diverse recruitment procedures that will help move up the dial for your organization in 2020. Glancing back at the most recent couple of years, there’s been a positive move toward the significance of employer branding, savvy inbound recruitment, improving the candidate experience, and utilizing big data and machine learning techniques, and AI to locate the correct applicant.

As with the innovation, it is expected that the new technology will smooth out these cutting edge trends turns out to be increasingly refined, anticipate that every one of these patterns should turn out to be progressively unmistakable this year. There is a wide range of types of recruitment that organizations use to pull in the best staff. Few out of every job opening has similar prerequisites, and each organization has various requirements. That implies managers need to utilize various types of recruitment that will coordinate with their condition and will be appealing to the candidates they’re searching for.

Different kinds of selecting strategies can be utilized inside a similar business, depending upon the job and the office. For instance, in case you’re in manufacturing, you’ll have a planning team, design team, specialized advertising team, finance, administrator, etc fill from entry to the official level. You can’t utilize the same types of recruitment for all the candidates inside every division.
Hence, in this article we will be discussing the various types of recruitment available in the market:

Artificial Intelligence 

With up to 46% of current work exercises in the recruitment industry under risk of automation in the following decade, there’s obviously some nervousness about the eventual fate of work. Yet rather than considering that to be a risk to our employment, specialists at McKinsey venture to state this will “help drive a renaissance inefficiency, individual pay and financial development.” 

Regardless of the extraordinary guarantee of AI, 23% of HR experts studied in IBM inquired about were worried that AI in HR could propagate or even increment inclinations in employing and ability advancement. While man-made brainpower doesn’t carry inclinations to the up-and-comer screening process, this doesn’t mean it settles on entirely fair-minded choices. Simulated intelligence is as yet dependent on the programming decisions of the individuals building it, just as predispositions that exist in the datasets it’s demonstrated on. On the off chance that deliberately structured, AI can diminish plain and oblivious inclinations in the enlistment procedure and improve the job of the enrollment specialist. 

Artificial intelligence can be utilized all through the competitor excursion to free HR groups from dreary, manual procedures and upgrade applicant experience. Conversational chatbots can draw in competitors at significant focuses in the enrollment venture, while programming like PredictiveHire recognizes superior workers utilizing an assortment of target execution measures including efficiency measurements, deals measurements, turnover information and net advertiser score.

Talent Analytics

People analytics connects information to compelling and dynamic decision making. It draws bits of knowledge from human conduct to help individuals and organizations perform better. It utilizes formal logical strategies to support empathy.

81% say talent analytics play a critical role in sourcing, attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

Sophisticated associations have been utilizing this moderately new field to drive amazing advancements. Presently those advantages are sufficiently clear to motivate even small organizations to jump on board, and 73% of ability experts state individuals examination will be a significant need for their organization throughout the following five years. On the off chance that you are an ability proficient, you’re presumably effectively mindful that an individual’s investigation is on the ascent and you’ve found a way to accumulate applicable information. In the previous five years, LinkedIn has seen a 242% expansion in HR experts with information investigation aptitudes. 

In any case, numerous organizations are just at the beginning periods of creating individual examination capacities. There’s a precarious expectation to learn and adapt from introductory endeavors to gather information in a composed manner to profiting by bits of knowledge for upper hand. 

Focus on Employer Branding

Job seekers today are more sophisticated. They want to know as much as possible about the job, company, culture and corporate values. And they won’t bother to apply to a company if they can’t find enough information about the company online.

With the evolution of social media and employer-brand-focused sites like Glassdoor, it’s critical for companies to focus on establishing and developing their brand. They need to look for ways to showcase why candidates should apply to work there. Recruiters must be prepared to have robust and honest conversations about every aspect of the job.

Hence employees are a company’s best brand ambassadors and their stories speak volumes more than a company’s mission statement. In this scenario, online recruitment solutions like evalground.com, assist companies to promote their brand by leveraging their online presence through the creation of a Company’s Brand Page along with the details of the open job positions, detailed presentations, and videos. These pages are promoted over varied social media channels.

Campus Recruitment

In terms of definition, campus recruitment refers to the process where large companies look forward to filling certain of their vacant positions by employing students or freshers from various campuses. With the number of millennials and freshers increasing at an exponential rate, conducting campus recruitment and hiring fresh talent has become an inexplicable part of most company’s hiring procedure. Campus recruitment has always been associated with large corporations who look for candidates in a bulk.

When the recruiter visits campus for hiring needs they end up having a vast pool of applications due to the availability of students and their eagerness to be picked among peers. This helps in having a diverse and vast number of potential candidates to choose from. Not all students are the same and the choice a company has in terms of talent is vast. They can even choose students who are extremely talented for future reference when they have an opening matching their skills.

Online Assessments

Being a recruiter online assessment is something that you must have heard a lot rotating in the industry for quite some time now. Understanding the meaning of online assessment has been deluding you maybe, thanks to the never-ending bits and pieces of floating information all over the internet. Online pre-assessment tests can be used to help recruiters identify candidates who will be the right fit for their organization. These talent assessments help predict a candidate’s on-the-job performance and even retainability to a great extent. With reports and data supporting all the results. Hence, in theory, we can safely say candidates who go through the screening test should perform better as employees if they’re hired. Understanding the online assessments’ meaning can help bring efficiency within your recruitment process.

Social media

Social media channels allow any recruiter to target niche candidates of their requirements. We know very well that these days we’ve come to such point where social media channels are literally dominating every aspect of our lives. So, as we can see that clearly hiring process is no exception to this rule. More than 65% of total candidates say that they have used Facebook or other social media platform to search a job, while most of the recruiters still rely on job boards. Also, on social media channels, anyone can ask questions or query regarding the job and share it easily with someone they know is suitable for that position.

Brand Promotion

One of the features that we recommend, you exploit to the fullest is brand promotion. Till now we have discussed online assessments and tests and examinations, etc. etc. These tools allow you to promote your brand while the applicants take up the test. The landing page of the tests will have your brand logo which will be viewed by the candidates.


Online assessment tools can also conduct hackathons as part of their recruitment drives or brand-building initiatives. Hackathon is one of the methods to incite innovation among young minds, this is why recently their popularity has increased and now most HR managers are using it as a hiring tool. If you as a recruiter using them for hiring or internal purposes, you can literally change the way you invest your time and finances in the whole process.

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