How to optimize recruitment tools and services for maximum benefit

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How to optimize recruitment tools and services for maximum benefit

Right from assessing to learning, and outsourcing to sourcing and testing retention, the types of technologies and tools out there that to aid recruiters and HRs are massive. SEO optimization is the trend right now

A moment of yay for the fact that the modern savvy recruiter has a lot to choose from and can have an army of tools to run the show successfully, but how does one pick the right tools when it comes to building out their recruiting strategy?  

Though not complicated, picking the right recruiting software and tools has multiple implications.

When you for your organization evaluate the next tool that you want to invest in, whether it be an ATS, recruitment branding platform, CRM or video interviewing solutions, payroll or training tools and everything in between, it is crucial to understand, practise and implement a few things for maximum benefits from your end:


Time-saving processes and tools

Today we live in an on-demand, fast-paced economy and candidates want to apply for a job and be on with their lives in a matter of minutes.

Adapting to mobile-friendly tools and software

It’s 2017 and things have got to be at least mobile-ready if not mobile-first for both a candidate and a recruiter. Recent surveys say that today, 77% of job seekers look for jobs via mobile.

Easy Integration and smooth transition

The days of tools and technologies not playing nice together are in the past. Today is the age of cloud applications and open APIs. All the more, easy integration with your HRIS is important for eliminating manual data entry, streamlining processes, and ensuring data integrity.

Know what you want

A recruiting agency will inherently try and sell, a good one will, however, listen to you and find something specifically for you. However, you as the HR have to know what exactly you are looking for and communicate this to the other party.

Select a work-related personality assessment you can customize

Make sure that the assessment or the packages you choose measures traits that are relevant to your organizational culture, the role, and the level of responsibility expected of that position.


Do your homework

To choose an agency recruiter, an online assessment tool or an SEO optimization product do the same homework and scrutiny you would do while evaluating a candidate.

The job description

Job descriptions should be comprehensive and honestly describe the requirements of that position.  Crafting a job description with clarity and precision that will zero in on the most suitable candidates is mandatory for a thorough understanding of the company’s culture and the challenges of the open position.

Reporting and analytics

We recently wrote on the importance of using metrics and why they need to be used in your recruiting program. What good is software without the analytics and reporting function? To me, this is an essential piece of any recruiting system.

Your existing team

You are sitting on a gold mine when it comes to using your current employees for successfully filling open positions, particularly those who will be involved with the new hire. This way they can compare observations and thoughts on whether the candidate would be the right fit for the organization.


Now, this is one aspect no recruiter should miss while picking out a new product, service or tool for your organization. The very ability to scale up will spare your organization the hassle of finding a new technology that fits your business needs at every stage, right from hiring to payroll.

Is there anything a product or service, can’t do?

In order for any tool to be successful and legal, it cannot and should not be the only data point in the recruiting process for your organization.

Meanwhile, remember Too many cooks spoil the broth

Having too many SEO optimization tools in your toolbox can actually waste your time and effort rather than save it. Not to mention, there’s a lot of junk and clutter out there, and it is a bit tricky to pick out the trash from the treasure.

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