Mass Recruiting–5 Things To Keep in Mind Before You Start!

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Mass Recruiting or bulk recruitment takes place when we start a new project or if we try to expand the business. Companies conduct job fairs, screen resumes, conduct interviews for selecting the right candidates. Apart from this bulk recruiting process includes making sure of the quality & quantity of hires to put right people into right places in a company.

Good Acquisition/ Hiring team

Everyone in the hiring team should be able to clearly define the company culture and how the perfect candidate would fit in. It is imperative that everyone is on the same page in terms of numbers of applications and the roles the company is hiring for. Synchrony is key!
Delegate this job to a group of professionals who are efficient and they will give you the pre-screened candidates without the hassle of sifting through hundreds and hundreds of resumes.

The Ideal Job Description

As with any hiring process, a solid job description for each position is compulsory. This process becomes simpler if you are recruiting many people for the same job! With the final description, you are ready to give potential candidates a clear picture of the job and be ready to ask questions in an interview. The job descriptions need to be well prepared, tempting and should highlight the factors that make your company attractive. It’s also important to know your key selection criteria. It’s best to narrow it down to a top few.

Work Efficiency

Mass recruiting can get messy without the proper organization. This is why delegation is very important. The process is often nerve-wracking, challenging, and disorganized so individual groups should be responsible for various parts of the process. For example, one team could handle the task of posting the applications on various portals and social media platforms, one could focus specifically on the interview process, and one team could contact applicants with the results or with further instructions. Applications need to be categorized and filtered. No cover letter = the “no” pile.  By splitting up the tasks like this, and communicating well, teams can work efficiently without becoming overwhelmed. The market we are in is dominated many job seekers. We don’t want to let our competitors get the best hires so time is of the essence!

Scatter Hiring

Imagine interviewing, hiring, and training 25 new hires at once. This seems like a nightmare waiting to happen! Stagger and split the process into smaller groups. This is a simple and stress-free way to bring in new people to the company while sparing resources.

Pat Yourself On The Back

If you have followed these basic steps, then you are well on your way to completing a successful mass hiring session. Celebrate with your team and look forward to the wonderful new employees you have brought to your company.


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