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Online Test To Screen Candidates With Hands On Expertise In App Development

As we all know with the new age of smartphones, technology has become extremely accessible to each and every person and now available at everyone's fingertips. Mobile Applications are ruling the advanced digital-based businesses and industry now, which implies that tapping into this and taking advantage of this market is essential, to say the least. Gone are the days of crummy software programming packages dispatched in bulky CD-ROMS. In this digital age of screens and memes, each client has a cell phone, which implies that they can carry your business information in their pockets.

If you don't already have a successful mobile application for your business then chances are that you are losing important business and valuable profits already. So, now you have finally decided to hire an app developer, to build an app which will help you power up your business to the next level. Normally, this would be quite a daunting task for your team of recruiters.

You are hiring a team member who is not only a critical part of your business but also have it in their hands to take the necessary steps to enhance your business further. But sometimes the generic quality of developers out there leaves much to be desired.

So now that you have finally decided to hire an app developer and come out on top compared to your competition, while hiring app developers within your recruitment budget...all this, but how? Simple. Assess, test and hire from a vetted assessment platform such as Evalground.

We at Evalground know that a good mobile app developer requires more than just development skills. They need qualities such as:

  • User Experience Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Business Understanding
  • Understanding Your App Project’s Needs
  • An Entrepreneurial Flair
  • Great People And Communication Skills

Engage The Best Candidates Without Stress

A customary traditional resume might be important however never depend on one to hire. Resumes never reveal the genuine stories. One issue being the human instinct to misrepresent and exaggerate a straightforward job and the biggest issue, there are a ton of things resumes can't tell you about an applicant. That is the reason simple coding tests are superior to any time-wasting interview process. These tests should be online; so as to spare yours and the candidate's time. You can also incorporate the online test with your online career page so you don't pass up great candidates. The objective is to assess the candidate for his abilities and skill.

Evalground gives you substantial and dependable online testing software with prepared aptitude skill assessment tests to assess your app developers. It is quick and simple and will spare a ton of your time, effort, and costs. Choose from our extensive test library or connect with our subject matter experts to get a test curated especially for you.

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