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The world as we know it is not the same anymore; with each passing day it is becoming more and more tech savvy than the previous day. Our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on technology and we are looking forward to better and more developed applications with each passing day.

Hence it has become more impertinent than ever before to get a good and sound software developer to ensure that your business is always improving and becoming successful. Without technology it has almost become impossible for a business to become successful. And in today's day and time a proficient software developer is expected to know how to build, design, develop, program, document, test, maintain, and retire a software program.

Nowadays, software development is crucial for making any business successful – and the more updated the technology is, the better. This implies that regardless of what sector your business is in, or how large or small it is, it can, without a doubt benefit from software development one way or the other.

What do software developers do? Software developers apply the principles of software development to plan, design, develop, improve, maintain, test, and assess the software. There is a lot of conversation about the level of education required for a proficient software developer or what kind of certifications should be considered while hiring the same. This is where Evalground comes in. We help you in designing a test which is specific to your hiring needs and thus will help you in hiring a software developer who is perfect for your business.

Looking For A Test Curated Just For You?

Our Recruitment Testing Philosophy is simple: "Align the recruitment tests for a role with the actual duties that a candidate must fulfill on a daily basis, if hired for that role." We believe that this alignment will help Recruiters maximize their Interview Hit Rate and reduce Cost per Hire.

Evalground understands that each role is different from the other and each organization has its own vision and way of doing things. Hence, we do not believe in creating generic tests for every role or organization. Our subject matter experts will try to figure out your recruitment challenges and find a solution with you, for you. You can choose from our extensive test library or you can get personalised tests which are specific to your recruitment needs.

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Why Businesses Everywhere Rely On Evalground To Hire Software Developers

EP test

Improved quality of hire

You need not waste anymore time going through endless resumes and job applications. Our tests and dedicated ATS will help you streamline your talent funnel so that you can focus on only the best of the best and hire the right candidates.

Big 5 Test

Greater Test participation

New age problems require new age solutions. You need not spend on exam centers and amenities for a physical test. Candidates can take tests from the comfort of their homes, resulting in greater test participation.

MP Test

Cheating Prevention

The test window is proctored. The candidate is monitored via webcam to ensure that there is no impersonation and that the candidate does not communicate with others in person or using mobile during the test.

CWB Test

Detailed Reporting

Get a detailed report on the candidate's performance. Consolidated reports accompany a feature to shortlist candidates into different groups for further processing. Single click sharing of candidate reports with the team members for review.

Our Most Popular Tests Used In Technical Hiring

Programming Test

Conduct online programming challenges on Java, C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Python and PHP. Conduct hackathons to evaluate hands-on technical skills and test Data Structures & Algorithms.

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Technical Aptitude Tests

Technical aptitude tests check the domain specific technical capability, computer fundamentals, quantitative, visual, mechanical and spatial skills candidates possess.

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Online Java Test

Assess a candidates’ hands-on programming skills in addition to basic java language knowledge of potential hires with different difficulty levels starting from basic, intermediate to advanced.

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