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Recruitment Trends in Indonesia: Adapting to the Changing Job Market

The job market in Indonesia is rapidly evolving, and staying abreast of the latest recruitment trends has never been more important. As we look ahead to 2023, several factors are likely to shape the recruitment landscape in Indonesia. One of the most significant changes has been the growing trend of remote work, driven by the…
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Skills Gap analysis

What Is A Skills Gap Analysis and How To Plan Ahead?

The skills gap analysis is becoming an increasingly essential technique in a time when companies are seeing a fast-growing need to re- and upskill their employees. It may be time for a skill gap review if your team’s performance is inadequate and it’s harming both your company metrics and your customers’ satisfaction. This underutilized tool…
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online personality tests

What Are The Uses Of Online Personality Tests In Recruitment?

It’s late Monday night, and instead of sleeping like you need to, you’re taking a personality test sent to you by a buddy. You’re not going to be able to sleep until you’ve confirmed you’d never be a Slytherin. Although some of these personality tests are ridiculous, the purpose of why we are drawn to…
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Hire a business analyst

Tips And Tricks To Assess And Hire A Business Analyst

As the global market becomes more complex, organizations will demand innovative and cost-effective technology implementation solutions as well as an appropriate means to communicate these solutions to their many stakeholders. This is why a corporation hires a business analyst in the first place. Business analysis has progressed throughout time. Businesses, corporations, and organizations that use…
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online technical aptitude test

Uses Of Online Technical Aptitude Test In Recruitment

Engineers are in higher demand as firms embrace technologies at a faster pace in order to connect tech innovation with their business strategy. An online technical aptitude test is a meeting place for both these high-demand skill clusters. The future workforce is expected to have complicated technical skills as well as high-order cognitive talents. The…
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HR Digital Transformation and It’s Importance In Business Activity

Industrialists across various sectors are aware that the HR digital transformation is here and it is changing all business activities at a rapid speed. Organisations are now looking at the latest, effective as well as productive ways to meet the ever evolving business demands and needs. Global access, agility g speed and accuracy are the…
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Recruitment CRM

Recruitment CRM: Meaning and Its Benefits

Given the influence recruitment can have on productivity, growth, and business success; hiring the appropriate talent at the right time is a major priority for firms. In a time of record-low unemployment and a candidate-driven economy, it’s more crucial than ever to cultivate relationships with potential employees rather than considering hiring as a transaction. With…
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Online Assessments

How Online Assessments Changed Recruitment During A Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic started it had disrupted the day-to-day operations of endless business organizations all around the world. Many were left with no option but to allow all their employees to work from home or else face shutting down their businesses. This was being reinforced with global lockdowns, all across the world. While the…
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Innovative Tips To Improve Your Volume Hiring Strategy

Recruiting at a high volume is always a difficulty. You either need to recruit a lot of exceptional people in a short amount of time, or you have a lot of applications, or you need to hire both. Attracting competent candidates, reviewing hundreds of resumes, and making a slew of screening calls is a labor-intensive…
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Inclusive Hiring: Meaning and It’s Importance

We talk about diversity and establishing inclusive teams a lot as recruiters. An inclusive crew brings to your firm a distinct mix of viewpoints and opinions. In reality, businesses with diverse staff outperform their competitors and report happier employees. Despite the fanfare, just around half of the firms have inclusive hiring strategies in place to…
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