Author: Shraddha Vasudevan

Recruitment Made Easy

Indeed – The leading Job Search Engine for recruiters

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article 😉 Indeed is the number 1 job search engine, in the recruitment space. It is an efficient and comprehensive job search engine for both employers and employees. Started way back in November of 2004 by Rony Kahan and Paul Foster, Indeed is an American based search engine that…
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Job Search Engines: How to get your jobs listed

The idea of any job posting is to attract relevant talent that is skilled and efficient.  If no one sees a job posting then it becomes redundant. A job search engine essentially aggregates various job postings across different job boards and company career pages, in order to provide a single destination for job seekers. Job…
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Job Search Engines: What are they really ?

There is much debate about the efficiency of job boards in today’s day and age. Are you receiving any quality results from creating an account and uploading your resume on to these job sites? Or instead, do you just receive spam mail and calls for offers nowhere close to what you’re looking for. Are your…
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5 Things Millennials Want When Looking For A Job

Millennials are a fast paced, potent demographic who now constitute the largest of all the generations to come. This means they are changing the dynamics of the workplace as we speak. These digital aficionados might have built a notorious reputation for themselves as being entitled and impatient, but they are here to impact markets both…
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5 Myths About Millennials That Need To Go

Millennials are the latest phenomenon in today’s world. Their influence in global markets and even in the workplace is undeniable. This digitally native generation has surpassed even Generation X to become the largest demographic cohort to exist. Millennials have been raised in a socially networked world, and being the most diverse they have been considered…
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Target Passive Candidates: Through Eye Catching Content

  Once upon a time, there was a company with a great work culture and Monday mornings became less gloomy. See, who doesn’t love a good story. Knowing this is half the problem solved. One of the biggest challenges recruiters face today is attracting candidates – passive candidates more so because they’re not even actually…
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Target Passive Candidates : By Humanizing Communication

  Swarms of candidates may fall in line for that job position that is now up for grabs. But you’re looking for someone different. Someone with the right amount of experience and who isn’t going to up and leave at the sight of better monetary gain.  While active job seekers are banging on the doors…
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Reasons Why Passive Candidates Are Popular Among Recruiters

We hear that the talk of the town is the elusive yet desirable passive candidate.  At any recruiters meet or on any recruiting blog, you will find that attracting passive employees is all the rage. And rightly so! The passive candidate is what a recruiter’s dream is made of. According to a blog post by…
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ATS Tools Recruiters Ought To Know About

This new age of automation brings with it the Application Tracking Software. Application tracking software is a boon to recruiters who are always challenged by scant resources, such as time and money. If an employer knows how to use it, the ATS database can be an extremely powerful tool. ATS massively reduce the personnel and…
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Best Sourcing Tools For Finding Top Talent

Talent sourcing is an inevitable step in the process of recruitment. It is a field that has been growing vastly over time but still remains nascent to those involved in talent acquisition who are just starting out. There is a war for talent in the professional market, for which an effective recruiting strategy is required. The ability to…
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