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Career Test- What’s Next?

The most common things that students encounter right after they finish their college is the dilemma of having to choose a career. In the end, most students end up getting caught up in the rat race and being stuck in a job that they don’t like. Instead of spending all your prime time thinking and…
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Practical Tips For Fresher Hiring On Campus

Let’s first look at why you as a recruiter should probably try and rethink their age-old freshers hiring strategy  and move to online assessment tools for bulk hiring of freshers in campuses   You take care that you don’t miss out on a bright student from a not so well known campus/remote campus The chance…
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Online assessment platform- Screening Made Easy

Welcome to the forefront of modern education and recruitment with our cutting-edge online assessment platform. Our platform revolutionizes the way learning and evaluation intersect in the digital age. Seamlessly integrating technology with pedagogy, we provide a dynamic environment for testing, learning, and growth. From academic institutions to corporate enterprises, our platform offers versatile solutions tailored…
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Recruitment market constraints and threats

If you’re a recruiter, then no matter in which company you work with and what kind of work you do, you should stay abreast of the latest trends in the recruitment world. In this competitive environment, it is not good enough if you are simply putting a job opening as an ad to fill the…
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Global Recruitment Industry Outlook for 2018

When we talk about recruitment and the year has gone by, we after several articles, white papers and webinars can say  2017 was absolutely the year of Artificial intelligence, automation of assessments and processes, extraction of bias and diversity at the workplace, and improvised candidate experiences. With the global economy on the growth and unemployment…
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Trends shaping the picture of global hiring

The global recruitment industry has grown exponentially in the past few years giving a boom to the HR industry. In the recent years this space has gotten some relevant changes such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile recruiting, social media hiring, online assessment portals, and the list goes on and on. Not only that, experts and…
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Target Passive Candidates : Using Social Media!

Employers need to realize they are in the face of an existential threat in terms of sourcing and hiring candidates who are active. When it is common to find active job seekers, however, it is often said that the best hires are those who aren’t looking for a job at all. These kind of candidates…
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Best Sourcing Tools For Finding Top Talent

Talent sourcing is an inevitable step in the process of recruitment. It is a field that has been growing vastly over time but still remains nascent to those involved in talent acquisition who are just starting out. There is a war for talent in the professional market, for which an effective recruiting strategy is required. The ability to…
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How to successfully Hire Via Pad Promotions On LinkedIn

How to successfully Hire Via Paid Promotions On LinkedIn.

LinkedIn- Can be an incredibly valuable tool for recruiting. Are you looking for top candidates from your LinkedIn account? Are you a brand marketer looking to raise your brand awareness via paid posts? Do you want to use LinkedIn paid promotion to get help with your recruiting needs? Or, A little bit of all? So,…
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Mind blowing recruitment ideas that no recruiter should miss

Mind blowing recruitment ideas that no recruiter should miss

When it comes to recruitment, you need to keep changing your ideas and methods to be on top of the game. But, it is not always easy to find ideas which work. But, you don’t need to worry any further. This article is just what you need to read if you are in search of…
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