Online Applicant Tracking System

Flawless Hire Every Time Using Online Recruitment Software

Are you struggling with your current hiring process? Not knowing where you are going wrong and how to improve it? Do not worry then. This is a common phenomenon among most of the recruiters at this day and time. In today’s world knowledge is available at an abundance and it can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how you perceive it. It is true that today the technology world has taken a huge leap forward but it is also true that the abundance of technological advances can make you confused as well. With the plethora of recruitment softwares present in the market today it is easy to get confused about the right software for your business and yourself.

Evalground has brought in the perfect software for you to streamline your entire hiring process. Our applicant tracking system C-Track helps you in organizing your recruitment process and ensuring your talent pipeline is in the same place and ready to be shared with your entire team.

Basically an online applicant tracking system is an online recruitment software which helps in filtering and giving a structure to the recruitment process. On top of that invariably an ATS is triggered to screen an application based on how it is written and not on what the information is conveying. We have created a detailed guide for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of having an online applicant tracking system under your hat. Click here to know more about it

So, what exactly can an ATS do for you?

A well- designed ATS has various advantages. It can help you in achieving your recruitment goals and at the same time help in overcoming the challenges faced in the process. Let’s go over the most common features of ATS to understand its advantages and disadvantages better. So, an ATS will generally come with the below features:

  • Help building and maintaining a candidate database and talent pipeline.
  • A very powerful sourcing tool.
  • A central data repository of all the applicant resumes and applications.
  • Easy and user friendly interface with easy access to the central database.
  • Automated resume screening and parsing.
  • Easy one click interview scheduling and reminders to candidates.
  • Ready to use HR template to eliminate the daily repetitive mundane mails.
  • Easy communication and collaboration among the concerned hiring teams.
  • Recruitment analytics and reporting.

Welcome Intelligent Hiring Process

Career Page

Define your job opening in a simple and clear way. Have a dedicated career page where all the job openings are sorted in an organized way and you can share the job openings in your social media channels with one click only.

Invite Candidates

Easily reach out to candidates through our job posting feature. Post a job opening with a click and insert the link to invite candidates to take up the test from there itself. No more hasty invitations lost in the spam box of candidates.

Applicant Shortlisting

With C-Track, easily shortlist your target candidates. All the applicants are viewed in one place in a structured way helping you in managing all the candidates at once and create a customized workflow with a lot of flexibility.

Custom Hiring Flow

Define the recruitment flow that you wish to follow. Manage your candidates, create and customise workflows as per your need with great ease. Measure the candidates with a holistic approach altogether.

Candidate Tracking

Get a clear view on which candidates are in which 'stage' of your recruitment process. With your entire talent pipeline in one place get a clear idea of your applicants and which candidate to interview with structured grading and collaborative tools.

Why HRs Everywhere Rely On Evalground’s C-track