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Global Talent Trends of 2022 To Watch Out For

If at any point in our history a specific year required intense vision, drive, and innovation, it’s this one, 2022. This year will require the sort of vision that permits talent experts to see into the great beyond the horizon, check out various corners, and spot things that the competition might miss out on. It’s…
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Advantages-of -ATS

Advantages Of ATS And How It Can Amp Up Your Recruitment

If you are someone who is working in the staffing industry, you most likely have heard the term applicant tracking system or ATS.  But what is an ATS? Why have they become an integral part of the recruitment process? Also what advantages does it come with? An applicant tracking system or ATS automates the entire…
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Why ATS Tracking Is Crucial For Your Business?

Does it ever feel like your recruitment process is more of a hit and miss affair rather than being a streamlined process? Are you struggling to figure out what works, what doesn’t and where you are going wrong in your hiring efforts? If this sounds like your day to day struggle then fret not. Applicant…
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What is an ATS?

ATS or an Applicant Tracking System is one of the most unparalleled inventions that has happened in the recruitment industry recently. ATS in simpler words is a software which screens and parses dozens and even hundreds of resumes and applications. And it will definitely take your recruiting manager or hiring team hours and hours to…
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How ATS Can Simplify Your Hiring Process?

An applicant tracking system is a combination of talent acquisition software and strategies via which companies can automate areas of their recruiting process to enhance the performance of recruiters and hiring managers. Applicant tracking software gives a structure to the recruitment process and helps recruiters reduce the time spent analyzing resumes and screening potential applicants…
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5 Tips For Hiring Remote Employees

Hire Remote Employees Efficiently! Working from home is becoming the new trend in companies and rightly so. Surveys suggest that around 43% of the people work remotely and 70% of employees work away from office at least once a week. It’s no secret as to why more companies are moving in this direction. Allowing employees…
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Recruitment Software: Why is it popular?

What is an online evaluation software and how will it help you as a recruiter? The term recruitment software which was rarely heard a few years ago is the buzzword in 2019. All thanks to the evolving digital world! Though many of us are aware of this trend, it can be overwhelming for some to…
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How To Choose The Right Online Assessment Platform

Online assessment platforms offer great benefits over real-time assessments in selecting employees for your organization by matching the right candidate with the right job role. One great advantage of using online assessments is that it eliminates the scope of human error. Benefits of using online assessments: Saves companies a lot of time which would otherwise…
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Recruitment Methods: What Will Work In 2019?

RECRUITMENT METHODS: WHAT WILL WORK IN 2019? You have probably heard it a million times and read it across various platforms that the job market is on an ever-increasing rise. Assessment methods which worked a few years ago won’t be very effective today! It is important to use the right methods and tools to build…
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All You Need To Know About Reasoning Test

The one thing that makes humans far superior to other beings is the ability to reason and think logically. Reasoning is the capability of the brain to take inputs from all the 5 senses and actually make sense out of it! We as humans use logic in fairly everything we do in our day to…
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